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How Can Scents Add a Boost to Your Daily Routines?

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we each have many routines. We are creatures of habit and comfort, and routines fit into both of those categories.

They may be healthy (going to the gym after work) or unhealthy (inhaling chocolate when you’re stressed), productive (tidying before bed) or not (binging Netflix before bed). We have daily, weekly, and even monthly routines.

Our sense of smell is one that is closely linked to our memories, including habits. Scents can trigger a routine that’s already in place, or help you create a new routine.

I can hear you asking – how, Kellee?

Never fear, I shall tell you. 😉

Start with identifying times of transition throughout your day – leaving for work or starting homeschooling with your kids, beginning a workout, or getting ready for bed. Next, choose a scent that matches the desired mood. Then, choose a time to turn that scent on.

Diffusers are a great option for instant scent.

In our family, one of the rowdiest times of transition is moving the kids upstairs to get ready for bed. So, we decided to implement scent, lighting, and music to help create a calmer atmosphere. The first thing we do when we get upstairs is turn on the Warmers – always with the same scent. Then we turn on quiet piano music and use table lamps instead of harsh overhead lights.

These three changes – scent, music, and lights – begin our bedtime routine and let the kids know that it’s time to calm down. The consistency and dependability give them comfort. The scent triggers their memories of previous bedtimes and they know what to expect, which makes for a calmer evening for everyone.

Which routine will you add fragrance to first?

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