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Your YES is precious.

We live in a culture that glorifies busyness. It’s seen as a good thing when you can’t participate because, “my goodness, I’m just so busy these days!” We laugh and make jokes, all the while stressing out behind closed doors, wishing we could catch up with all of the things on our to do list.

Most, if not all, of the things we say yes to are good things – bring a meal to a sick neighbor, serve at church, help a friend move. There’s nothing wrong with any of those! The issue comes when we say yes to too many things at a time.

Saying yes is easy. There’s no conflict in saying yes. It makes people happy, and makes you feel like you are contributing. You’re serving the Lord and furthering the Kingdom with every good thing you do! But saying yes also takes up your limited resources – time, money, energy.

I have realized that I give away my yeses too easily. I often don’t even think twice when I say yes to something! It’s only after the fact that I realize, OOPS! I’m supposed to consider carefully before I make a commitment!

In the past few weeks, as I become more aware of how precious my YES is, I’ve said no to planning a darling bride-to-be’s bridal shower, a family vacation, and my children participating in AWANA. I’ve also said no to leading a women’s Bible study, going out to dinner with a friend, and staying up late to watch a movie with my husband.

Those are all good things. But I have to be careful in what I say yes to so that I can be sure I am not spreading myself too thin, that I can manage all that I do say yes to, and that I am focused on glorifying God with all that I do.

I bet you’ve heard the phrase: say no to good so you can say yes to great.

That’s my goal. Not to do all the things, but to do all the things God has called me to.

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  • Jessica Cone

    I was just at a kidmin conference and one of the speakers talked about this. Saying no. And saying yes to what is really important

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